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Experience a Healing Session with Mahankirn:

• Individual Sat Nam Rasayan® Healing: schedule single or series-releasing core tendencies & patterns • relieving stress, anxiety & depression • chronic Illnesses • addictions • assists with expanding awareness. Global Remote healings available

• Mah Boundlotus® Destiny Alignment:
My teacher Yogi Bhajan has said that through BoundLotus® Healing: “you change a person’s destiny and… infuse the power of the Universe into that person, the Universe has no power to stop it”.
Mahankirn is the only person Yogi Bhajan taught this healing to personally
• Conscious Home & Office Balancing:
Constitutional Balancing clears & balances the electro-magnetic field of home or office space.

Mahankirn is one of 2 healers in the world who does these healings.

Global Healing Available

Global Healing Available

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