New York, New York Jan 24th-29th

Greetings from Los Angeles,

We have been a bit spoiled here on the west coast with the weather, and we are about to join the East Coasters – out with the shorts and tank tops and pulling out the coats from storage.
“Happy Last Year” my daughter said to me as I said “Happy New Year” to her.  We laughed… then it really sunk in. She was joking but it hit me like a hammer on the head.  “Everyone says happy new year but no one says happy last year”  she said.  I was hoping that the new year would be better – and I noticed everyone around making resolutions to do all of the wonderful things that will make them happy or a better person.  In the back of my mind I hear my teacher’s voice. “You are imperfectly perfect and perfectly imperfect.”  If we are not feeling complete in this moment, the exercise class or the bank account or the new machine or gadget is not going to add or to change you.  Embrace your entire self, and enjoy the totality of you now.  It is not easy, and it is not overnight – it takes time, and most of all patience.  May the old you and the new you and all of you merge and may you look in the mirror and see YOU today.

Mahankirn Kaur

New York City Workshops:

Sat Nam Rasayan® Course ~

Dissolving Trauma, Shock & Family Patterns

6 hour course GOLDEN BRIDGE NYC

Saturday, January 25th
2:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Everyone welcome!

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Sat Nam Rasayan® Class ~

Transcend Beyond Our Imagined Reality


Tuesday, January 28th
8:15pm – 9:30pm
Learn to Heal and be Healed with Sat Nam Rasayan®.

Experience a new expanded reality when the limits of the mind are dissolved.

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Mah Boundlotus® class & 40 day Mah Boundlotus® Challenge


Monday, January 27th  7pm-9pm

(CEU’s & Certification Eligible wtih SNR Course)

(Testing Available)

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Join Us for a 40 Day Challenge

  • Beginning Monday, January 27th
  • do as little as 3 minutes, maximum 31 minutes/day
  • View Ustream class (pw: love108)
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    Healing NYC January 2014

    Healing NYC January 2014

Schedule your Healing:

1. Sat Nam Rasayan® Healing: schedule single or series-releasing core tendencies & patterns • relieving stress, anxiety & depression • chronic Illnesses • addictions • assists with expanding awareness
Global Remote healings available

2. Mah Boundlotus® Healing:
My teacher Yogi Bhajan has said that through BoundLotus® Healing: “you change a person’s destiny and… infuse the power of the Universe into that person, the Universe has no power to stop it”.
Mahankirn is the only person Yogi Bhajan taught this healing to personally.

3. Constitutional Balancing clears & balances the electro-magnetic field of home or office space.
Mahankirn is one of 2 healers in the world who does these healings.

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