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GOOD MOOD iTunes APP Reviews


3ms poseAmazing App – 3 Minutes to a new you!

by D – Version 1.3 – Sep 27, 2012

This app is amazing and can be used anytime. The meditation is fun and easy to do. I often use Mahan Kirin’s 3min meditations while teaching yoga to beginners and include them in my daily Sadhana. I highly recommend this app to anyone who enjoys meditation.


How Useful Helpful & Cool to share those secrets! 

by Kaline-Gyan Jot – Version 1.3 – Sep 19, 2012

This is so well done! Great Yogini, great narrator’s voice, well filmed. Those tips work, I know, I am a Kundalini Yoga instructor and I use them. It took yogis years and years of meditations to uncover these simple but sacred and effective recipes. Thanks to Mahan Kirn, they are now available to everyone, whether or not they are interested in yoga. Thumbs up!


Good Mood

by sskk 11 – Version 1.3 – Sep 19, 2012

This is great-practical and best of all it works!


Good Mood

by PeaceLoveKindness – Version 1.2 – Sep 13, 2012

I love this awesome app! Easy to use and helpful support for incorporating meditation into you daily schedule. Also, a pleasant app for when you find yourself with free time.



by Karambir Kaur – Version 1.2 – Sep 13, 2012

This app is so beautiful. In 3 minutes you are back in contact with the true God within you. Wahe Guru!


self-employed fluid movementFor him I

by I’ll buy you as you – Version 1.2 – Sep 13, 2012

it’s a very good tool to assist me to take time if he moves some my anxiety throughout my day I love it



by SiriDevta – Version 1.2 – Sep 9, 2012

Quick and easy to use! Very accessible techniques taught with simple, perfect clarity. I love it!!!


Amazing and addicting

by Jagatjoti Khalsa – Version 1.1 – Dec 17, 2012

Three minutes. I have that much time I said to myself. Way I didn’t expect was my desire to keep adding three minute series upon three minute series as I purchased one after another. They felt great and I didn’t want the feeling to end. Now every day I find my three minutes and I do one of the videos. I love it.


Perfect for busy people

by Emergency room RN – Version 1.1 – Sep 5, 20123ms sitting on ledge

This app is amazing. Just what I need when I want to reset myself for a few minutes during a busy shift. Can’t wait for more to be released! Thanks


Oh yeah

by Pink-panthers108 – Version 1.1 – Sep 3, 2012

Thanks for sharing these easy to use techniques! Happiness is our birth right!!


It works fast!

by Siridyal – Version 1.1 – Sep 3, 2012

We all want to feel our best – right? I use these techniques daily and it’s powerfully shifting me daily. Try it – you’ll love it! The natural “pick me up” 🙂



by Mikescully – Version 1.0 – Sep 3, 2012

Incredibly effective! And super convenient. It’s amazing what 3 minutes can do.


Love it

by Harvinder – Version 1.0 – Jul 21, 2012

Experience and believe.



by Lilwicz – Version 1.0 – Jul 17, 2012

A quick way to re-energize and focus!


From Texas

by LSlat – Version 1.0 – Jul 17, 2012

Outstanding, easy to practice with great results! I plan on watching daily! Thanks!


Gets me through the day!!

by Seevey – Version 1.0 – Jul 17, 2012

This app has been a huge help with my busy schedule. I don’t always have time to go to a long yoga class, or work out session to put me in a better mood. Thanks to this app, I can flip my mood in three minutes, sometimes even less. The breathing really calms you down and feels good to take a moment to your self. Thanks Three Min Start!!


CALM HEART Itunes App reviews


3ms image3Incredible App !!!

by VIriam – Version 1.0 – Nov 24, 2012This meditation app is absolutely incredible. If you would like to feel great download the app and do this meditation whenever you can. Only 3 minutes.



by Lauren Slocum – Version 1.0 – Sep 27, 2012

Love the music the images and it is simple to do. Most importantly it works! Felt so much more in my flow after going through this quick process. When you get an app like this you wonder how you ever lived without a smart phone.


 Calm Heart

by PeaceLoveKindness – Version 1.0 – Sep 23, 2012

Another great practice from 3 Min Start. Easy, clear instructions guide you to feeling connected and balanced in just a few minutes.




What a Genius App…

by Lauren Slocum – Version 1.0 – Sep 27, 2012

So cool being able to have a quick tool to get centered and grounded. You can just plug this in and in a few minutes feel totally different. I will be using this a lot during my work days. I am downloading a couple of more of these right away. Nice work on this!



by yoga sloth – Version 1.0 – Sep 22, 2012

great. easy and it works. even for me.



Yoga for Today’s Busy Life…

by Lauren Slocum – Version 1.0 – Sep 27, 2012

Ok, I got one of the other apps in this series and was so fired up I got this. It really does take the ancient profound wisdom of yoga and puts it in your pocket. What an amazing tool to have, literally, at your fingertips. Blissing out now as I write this thanks to my 3 minute journey.


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