Brighten your outlook with this Good Mood 3 Minute Excercise

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This is a great go to exercises whenever you are feeling bothered. Having negative, judgmental thoughts about yourself or about others, or feeling other people projecting not-so-nice thoughts toward you, is a sure way to drain your energy. You can use this exercise to release any negativity you’re holding: go ahead; get it all out! First, take a moment to assess your outlook on life, yourself, and others. Is it hopeful and positive? Is it negative? This is one of my favorite techniques when I need to change my outlook on life.

How To

  • Come into your favorite seated position, with your spine straight. If you are in a chair, bring both feet flat on the floor.
  • Cup your hands in front of you, placing right hand over left. Eyes should be almost closed, looking at your hands.
  • Inhale through the nose, thinking of the negative thoughts and feelings, then briefly hold the breath.
  • Powerfully exhale through the mouth, blowing the negativity out over your hands.
  • Continue for up to three minutes. Go ahead, blow it away!

To End

  • Inhale and hold your breath while squeezing and tightening every muscle of your body.
  • Exhale, relax, and enjoy the effects.

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  1. Janet L. Greene says:

    Congratulations on your Three Min Start Site launch! The Three Min Start book is a beautiful go-to resource that I will turn to again and again. I have been sharing the Good Mood exercise with anyone I come in contact with who comments that they are depressed, tired, frazzled, or experiencing a string of bad luck. They try blowing out a few breaths and a big smile crosses their face as they experience instant relief.

    Deepest gratitude,

    Janet L. Greene

    • Mahankirn Kaur says:

      Greetings Janet,

      Thank you so much for your heart-felt experiences with the Three Min Start techniques. We would love to get a photo or little video clip/testimonials from your friends who are loving the GOOD MOOD 🙂

      Hugs & Blessings,
      Mahankirn Kaur

  2. Exchanging visiting to know more friends in the blog circle, so that many green hand can grow up~~~ lol~~~thanx for the advice ..I got many helpful imformation….so I can choose what I want~~~shopping on the line~~~lol

  3. Sat Nam

    A fellow ky yogi me a link to your book this morning. Love it and bought it and blogged about it. Wonderful idea and execution

    x Eilish

  4. Sat Kirtan / Dani says:

    Sat nam!
    I did the 3 min start on Good Mood. It actually make me feel lighter… like every thought pass right through me.
    I’m thankful for doing this right before New Years, so I can start like this the 2013… less negative thoughts, less angry, and more caring about me and about being OK with myself.

    Bless and thank you!

  5. Sat Kirtan / Dani says:

    Again, this 3 min. on Good Mood start app leave me more calmed.

    Sat nam

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