One woman’s journey – Three minutes a day for 11 days

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What is your Mood?


How can we be in a good mood one moment and then “bam” suddenly without warning our mood changes.


Some people believe that happiness is genetic.  They believe that our level of happiness is based on our family history and their general level of happiness.   If that is true, are we just stuck with are genetics?  There are some people who always seem to be happy and others who are always depressed.  Most of us, however, fall somewhere in the middle and our moods fluctuate based on the daily events of our lives.


Many studies have shown that the subconscious mind stores memories from every moment of our lives.  The reason we dream at night and daydream in the day is that all of these images and thoughts release from the subconscious mind to the conscious mind. These images and thoughts become emotions, which determine our reactions.  If we can learn to erase the negative and balance our mind we can create a happy mood.


Three Minute Start™ is a quick and effective way to balance your mood and create happiness in less time than it takes to drink a cup of coffee.


So why not try it!


Try GOOD-MOOD for 3 minutes a day for 11 days in a row.  It is amazing what you may experience on different.  You may do more than once per day if needed.


Here is a journal entry from Har Atma in Italy.


Day 1. I had a car accident, nothing serious, but it seems me unfair at this point in my life, one more complication! I’m in a really bad mood.  I am going home sad, and I start the Good Mood app. After that I feel better, there is more inner Space.

Day 2. This Three Min Start™ can relax my diaphragm in this difficult phase of my life, and start to change my bad mood.  I am thinking in a more creative way.

Day 3. I finally wake up happier, and already I do not want to miss my appointment with this three-minute practice. I had underestimated because it is very short, however, it works! It changes something in my brain.

Day 4: I practice it in my car, while waiting for an appointment that I have to be centered. I start the app, I center myself in two minutes and everything flows well.

Day 5. The practice came into my routine, my mood is really improving day by day. I start to share the app with people who ask me for a quick solution. I realize that in this fast paced world the idea of Mahankirn Kaur’s creation is really at service to many people.

Day 6. I sit down with good mood and the diaphragm relaxes, every day the result is more immediate.

Day 7. I’m already in a good mood and more stable, but I continue because I know now it will start to move something more subtle that consolidates the good mood.

Day 8. I notice that my lips are relaxing more and more during the practice, and the smile is easier. When we are worried, lips become contracted!

Day 9. During a flight. I’ve already meditated in places different than home, but I like to be lead and I love the music that starts the app!

Day 10. Deepest causes of my bad mood are coming out, I direct it on my hands with the prayer that they leave me forever…

Day 11. A friend called me and asked for a quick practice, I recommend him the app, he is happy! I continue to investigate the root causes of bad mood that and decided to continue to see what happens for at least 40 days.


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Let’s feature Alice Fulks – Video Producer

Greetings to all of the avid Three Min Start users and the newcomers!

Good news is apple just approved the Buen Humor, the Good Mood app in SPANISH!!! Yipee (it is free)

We have more apps in the pipeline we are anxiously awaiting approval…

We were just on yesterday, thank you Joni Young. You can review the podcast on their web.

We will be featuring guests – our first guest is special and foremost producer of the amazing Video Content.

Yeah Alice!!!


  1. Mahankirn Kaur says:


    Alice Fulks is a Texan born LA based creative. On a daily basis she expereinces the power of creativity and its ability to heal herself, others, and the planet. This is why she founded: A*LIGHT PICTURE, a production company centered on Conscious Content.
    A*LIGHT PICTURE is her passion, livelihood, and vehicle to help others “Illuminate Vision”
    Alice loves her life in LA as an Executive Producer, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, and Animal Lover.

    “My personal favorite three min start exercise is DONT MEDITATE. The instructions specifically tell me not to meditate, to think and think and let my thoughts go wild. I love this because it gives me a freedom to think and ironically, when I’m told not to meditate just to think, the thoughts become less and less important and I can relax and take it easy.”

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