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January 2014 Meditation

Sit straight in a cross-legged position. Place the left hand on your heart. With the elbow relaxed down, extend the right forearm, as though you are asking for a cup of water. Inhale heavily through the “o” of the mouth, as though you are drinking air, and exhale through the nose. Continue for 22 minutes. This exercise will stimulate your immune system and your heart.

In the same posture do a powerful Breath of Fire. Continue for 3 minutes, then switch hands and continue for another 3 minutes.

Without pause from the second exercise, stretch both arms out to the sides parallel to the ground, palms facing up. Continue the powerful Breath of Fire for 3 minutes. To end, inhale deeply, hold the breath and squeeze the spine all the way up, stretching up the neck. Exhale. Repeat 2 more times. On the last inhaled breath also stretch the arms, pulling them from the shoulders. Exhale and Relax.

There is unlimited, infinite power in you. These exercises work
together like a key to unlock it out.

Mahankirn Kundalini Yoga – Meditation & Healing WEEKEND INTENSIVE in Berlin!

Join Global Yogi and Healer Mahankirn in Berlin for a Weekend Intensive of 4 very special workshops: July 12th-15th, 2013 !

For more Information: Email yogahomeberlin@gmail.com or Call +049 030.231 861 34

Mahankirn in Berlin




Summer is upon us — more sun, more activity, more excitement!  As with each of the seasons, Summer has its unique challenges it offers us… such as learning to hold a balance between excitement on the one hand and overwhelm on the other. We can find balance in any situation — and in any season — and use this neutrality as a touchstone whenever we need.
It’s this counterbalancing between extremes — the hot and the cold, the highs and the lows — that is forefront in my vision these days. And it’s exactly what I’ve got in my toolbelt for the coming weeks.
The modern life itself needs to be balanced. The Kundalini tradition offers us tools for this. But – in addition to serving as a counterweight – the ancient masters give us tools to increase our capacity and effectiveness in the modern world.
This Summer, I’ll be sharing a whole range of these life-enhancing tools. Everything from simple 3 minute techniques that you can share with anyone on the streets when you’re out and about in the hustle and bustle of life — to the most life transforming posture known to the ancients — and everything in between.
Enhancing our life is rewarding and fun — but also a challenge to one’s own self because it holds a mirror to our imperfections, challenging us to integrate them gracefully alongside the perfections. Yogi Bhajan said: “You are imperfectly perfect and perfectly imperfect.”
There is nothing really to teach you in this upcoming week other than what is beyond what any words can describe: the experience of such balance in You. I truly believe that I’m not teaching you, I’m simply helping you experience.
Together, we’ll do exactly this… experience the deep balance within us so that we stand with grace in any situation — in any season!  Even a blazing Summer!
Post Solstice june 2013 MBL-SNR Flyer MBL TT V-3


I am writing to personally invite you to join me for a series of events in May.

We have a GLOBAL LiveStream  May 6th at 7:30 am PST, and NYC events May 10th-14th!It is time for us all to heal and learn to be healed so we can help serve and uplift others.With the amount of external stimulus and trauma coming at us from around the world, the system and mind goes in crisis or stress.  Somehow we react or over-react which in turn produces a chain reaction.

Yogi Bhajan taught immensely on developing and stabilizing the projective meditative mind. By doing this we find a stillness and a self-awareness that completely shifts our perspective — and this shift allows us to deal with whatever’s happening around us from a new place.  Then some of the chain reaction can be avoided.

I had the honor to sit and experience this stillness, or Shuniya, as Yogi Bhajan’s personal healer for 10 years. I learned the ancient healing art of Sat Nam Rasayan from Guru Dev Singh, the current Master of this technique.  It is an incredibly powerful way to slow down your busy thoughts and use your stillness to heal others in need. There are a lot of people out there that need it!

While on the road travelling, I have found that many people on the run need fast recipes to feel better when they do not have time for yoga or will never do it.   We distilled Yogi Bhajan’s teachings and found techniques he said can be done in 3 minutes, hence the Three Minute Start apps, book and DVD were developed – for you and your friends and family.

For you –  I am offering special one-on-one healing sessions.  Whether it is a personalized Sat Nam Rasayan session, a Mah Boundlotus healing, or a Home Clearing – I am at the service of your healing so that you can be YOU.

I look forward to seeing you personally – May 10th-14th!

Sat Nam,
Mahankirn Kaur

Global Live Specialty Training at Golden Bridge

Reboot in 3 Minutes

Reboot in 3 minutes

Sat Nam Rasayan 6 Hour Intensive

Sat Nam Rasayan 6 Hour Intensive

Enhance Your Intuition to Heal Yourself & Others!

Enhance Your Intuition to Heal Yourself & Others! Enhance Your Intuition to Heal Yourself & Others

Private Healing Sessions

Private Healing Sessions

Healing by Inner Silence & Book Signing Event

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Change your moment, Change your life!

7:30pm to 9:30 pm

Golden Bridge Yoga in Los Angeles
1357 N. Highland Los Angeles, CA 90028 (323) 936-4172
March 15th

Price: $35, $45 at door
(includes signed copy of Three Min Start Book of $30 Value)

Experience Inner stillness within you. Learn how to stabilize your meditative mind to alleviate stress, anxiety and depression.

Three Minute Start™ Kundalini 3 minute techniques, allow you to change your moment of stress into stillness & joy so you can change your life, one moment at a time.

For everyone, anywhere anytime, if you are, or work in any capacity with people who are:

  • New to yoga
  • Avid Yogis on the run
  • Children
  • Teens
  • Office Executives
  • Busy Moms
  • Seniors
  • People with limited mobility

Relax, Renew & Revitalize

Entrance fee includes signed just released copy of Three Minute Start Book ($30 value).
Tea & Sweets will be served

Purchase tickets here: