BL Foundation, NYC, 2016

Bound Lotus Foundation Event

Thursday, November 10, 2016
5:30 PM to 8:00 PM
Ace Hotel New York
20 West 29th St, New York City
Ticket Price: $108 – Purchase here >
Donate to the BL Foundation >

Your ticket purchases and donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by the law. The Bound Lotus Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 organization. Our tax ID number is 47-1717577.

The focus of the event is to promote the awareness of chronic pain and to talk story about the inspiration and catalyst behind the creation of the Bound Lotus Pavilion. Our goal is to raise funds to support those suffering with disease, disorders or syndromes which cause chronic pain and to capitalize the future development of the Pavilion. The Pavilion is intended to be a place of healing, yoga, meditation, education and research which will utilize its public spaces for cultural performances, art installations, group meetings and various other events all while encouraging participation, cooperation and community.

The event will feature:

  • Musical performances from Spirit Voyage recording artist – Ajeet Kaur
  • Welcome to the event – Bound Lotus Foundation Overview – Eddy Gellert
  • Visionary, Master Healer and Practitioner – Mahankirn
  • Dharma Talk On Chronic Pain – Kerri Kelly, Founder of CTZNWELL
  • A Superhero’s story on CRPS and Chronic Pain – Zoe Gellert
  • Special guest speakers to discuss managing and overcoming chronic pain to live fully functional, engaged and fulfilled lives
  • Special guest speakers to discuss Bound Lotus and Healing Autism – Guru Mantra and Satya Scainetti
  • Delicious smoothies, high vibe juices, teas and other goodies will be offered

NYC Feb. 6th,7th,8th


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3minstart Portable Yoga Mahankrin

NYC Visit February 2015!

Greetings and New Year Blessings,

I hope you all are well!

I have been staying close to home in Los Angeles, not only for the 70-80 degree weather but my daughter just started competing in Rhythmic gymnastics so I am experiencing the new life as a gym mom!

As we may have tossed aside our New Years resolutions perhaps, maybe we
add one for Intuition.  How we can be more in line with the flow of what exists beyond
our tiny imagined reality..

If you are in LA I hope to see you at Yoga West or Indigo Lab.

I will see you in New York in less than 2 weeks!

If you are a current patient you will get priority booking for healing sessions as
they go fast!  As always we appreciate your referrals.

Hugs and blessings,
Mahankirn Kaur

Friday, Feb. 7th    6:15 pm– 9:15pm

HEALING WORKSHOP  Learn to Heal & Be Healed with Sat Nam

$60 pre-reg/$70 door  –

Saturday Feb 8th       11:00 am – 5:00 pm

HEALING INTENSIVE Learn to Heal with the Meditative Mind using Sat

$120 pre-reg/$140 door –

Sunday Feb 9th      1:30 pm–3:30 pm

THREE MINUTE START® TRAINING – Learn to change a person’s life in
3 Minutes! Portable Kundalini Yoga & Meditation®

$45 pre-reg/$55 door –

Sunday Feb 9th      4:00 pm– 6:00 pm

DEEP MEDITATION & HEALING GONG Self-Mastery & Conquering Fear

$45 pre-reg/$55 door –

3 Minute Start ® – Portable Kundalini Yoga & Meditation ™

This is my new passion – to teach trainers to go to places like hotels,
resorts, corporations, hospitals and doctor offices to help people feel better
with 3 Minute Portable Kundalini Yoga!

PRIVATE HEALING SESSIONS Feb 6th-9th at Golden Bridge

Sat Nam
Rasayan Healing : For any Health or Life Issue

Home Constitutional Healing: Heal your Home & Office

Mah Bound Lotus Healing: To Align to your Destiny

To schedule please email or visit

Los Angeles: 3 Weekly Classes
Monday AM class 10:30 – 12 Yoga West Los Angeles,
Monday Night 7:00 – 8:30 Healing With SNR (by Donation) Sat Nam Rasayan® Los Angeles Indigo Lab Los Angeles
Thursday Night 6:30-8:00 Deep Meditation & Healing Gong at YOGA WEST


Try this meditation toward Success!

Move Your Own Psyche, Creating your Balance-Your Discipline & Your Self-Conduct can carry you to Success.

NM065 Carry you to your own Success

View in Library of Teachings

Again Many Blessings,


Intuition Homework & LA Events this Weekend :)


I hope all is good with you on this Monday Morning.

I had Chocolate ice cream for Breakfast – at first felt guilty but then when you read the ingredients it could be a protein shake…(coconut milk and agave), and a large glass of soaked chia seeds followed by steamed kale and chard. Yum.

As promised, here is the Homework from last Thursdays class for Intuition. If you would like the other meditation videos please bring a memory stick to class this Thursday @YogawestLA at 6:30pm.

There are several exciting events for you in Los Angeles this weekend at Indigo Lab. visit to register or for more info.

Private healing and distance healing sessions always available.

Friday, November 21 6:30 – 8:30 pm 3 Minute Start Training – Portable Kundalini Yoga
Saturday, November 22 12:00 – 3:00 pm Sat Nam Rasayan – Intuitive Healing
Sunday, November 23 10:00 – 4:00 Pm Sat Nam Rasayan Intensive

I will see many of you in Perugia soon, and save the dates for NEW YORK CITY DECEMBER 19-23.

Many Blessings,






MUDRA: Place your hands together in Prayer Mudra. Keep the Jupiter (index) fingers extended as you interlock the other fingers to clasp your two hands together. Cross the thumbs.
EYES The eyes are nine-tenths closed.

POSTURE In a comfortable seated position, place the mudra a little below your nose where you can look at the tips of your Jupiter fingers through the one-tenth opening of your eyes. BREATH Inhale in four powerful strokes through the ‘O’ mouth (I stroke per second = 4 second inhale) and exhale in one powerful stroke through the nose (I second).

Continue for 16 minutes
Whosoever does best, will gel the best experience. I can’t do this ¡or you. I can only tell you what to do. Use your own diaphragm, move your own central (channel), open up your own chakras. achieve your own results.
These exercises are time bound. Within that time you should achieve a sensory system. Take a heavy stroke through the mouth and push it out through the nose. ,-

To end Sit straight, inhale, hold your breath 20 seconds. and stretch your arms out to your sides. Palms facing upward. That will give you power to balance your central spinal column. Exhale. Inhale deep, hold your breath 20 seconds, and stretch your arms horizon-tally and stretch your spine vertically. Make a T- square. Exhale. Inhale deep, hold your breath 20 seconds, and open up your fingers, making them like steel. Squeeze your entire energy and bring it into your arms. Exhale and relax.

Los Angeles Events

Mahankirn will be in Los Angeles teaching 3 Min Start®, & Sat Nam Rasayan®,
as well as partaking in personal healing sessions.


Friday, November 21st – 3 Minute Start®  Training
6:30 – 8:30 PM
$50 Pre Register- $65 Door

Saturday, November 22nd – Sat Nam Rasayan®
12:00 – 3:00 PM
$60 Pre Register – $70 Door

Sunday, November 23rd – Sat Nam Rasayan®
10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
$120 Pre Register – $135 Door


All Events Held At:
Indigo Lab
7466 Beverly Blvd Suite 205
Los Angeles, California
(323) 445-4930




Greetings Everyone,

Mahankirn 3MinStartWe just finished two weeks in the desert, in sacred mountains for Summer Solstice.  I hope you are enjoying your Summer, relaxing at the same time holding your awareness of your own self – it is easy to think that vacation is vacating from your current responsibilities, when it really is time to find more time to connect and meditate with your OWN SELF.

Perhaps I will see you soon 🙂

New York     July 28-31
France Yoga Festival  Aug 2-10
Mexico  Aug 17
Georgia – Sea Island Aug 22-25

I am always available for Remote Private Healing Sessions – we have everything set up in MIND BODY – so it is much easier to organize.  To book a session please visit

Many Blessings,
Mahankirn Kaur Khalsa


Three Min Start® for a Fresh Start…


… take 3 minutes out of your day for a Fresh Start.
Posture: Hug yourself, and tilt your head slightly back.
Eyes: Close your eyes
Mantra: and mentally repeat Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Se So Hung for 3 minutes.

Schedule your Appointment

Private Sessions LA, NYC and Remotes Worldwide

Welcome the Summer!

Experience a Healing Session with Mahankirn:

• Individual Sat Nam Rasayan® Healing: schedule single or series-releasing core tendencies & patterns • relieving stress, anxiety & depression • chronic Illnesses • addictions • assists with expanding awareness. Global Remote healings available

• Mah Boundlotus® Destiny Alignment:
My teacher Yogi Bhajan has said that through BoundLotus® Healing: “you change a person’s destiny and… infuse the power of the Universe into that person, the Universe has no power to stop it”.
Mahankirn is the only person Yogi Bhajan taught this healing to personally
• Conscious Home & Office Balancing:
Constitutional Balancing clears & balances the electro-magnetic field of home or office space.

Mahankirn is one of 2 healers in the world who does these healings.

Global Healing Available

Global Healing Available

To be a mother…

Mother's Day Meditation

Mother’s Day Meditation

… is a form of the highest yoga or union – to learn to be patient, to communicate and to put your fears aside and most importantly to maintain your sense of self as another little being creates their sense of self alongside you.  Gratitude to all of the mothers past and future.  Happy Mother’s Day!
Meditation for you to do with your children or with your mother for a calm heart:
Sit in a comfortable position.
Hands in prayer pose at the heart center, eyes closed.
Inhale in 4 parts and exhale in 4 parts from your nose. 3Min
To End, Inhale, exhale and relax – Have a wonderful weekend.

Los Angeles May New York in June

MAY JUNE 2014 Newsletter

Be Yourself and Let Go

We have our dreams, goals and desires, many them coming from within us, however if you really sit and listen to yourself, most if it is what you think others think you should be.  When you start to let go of the ego and the expectation of what you want, you realize there is a lot of tension and stress that is holding for a particular outcome.  Meditate to let it go…… release the tension and anxiety of what you think you want and need, and open space within yourself to allow the Universe to serve you.

Many Blessings,
Mahankirn Kaur Khalsa

May & June 2014

Los Angeles and New York City Classes

Los Angeles Meditation Class and Weekly “by donation” Class:

•SAT NAM RASAYAN® -The Ancient Art of Healing
In this workshop you will experience a deep state of calm and silence in your mind and you will learn how to apply your meditative mind to heal others.
Saturday May 17th~4:00pm-6:30pm
~$40 pre-reg/$50 day of
(323) 936-4172

• WEEKLY CLASS – Thursdays, “by donation”
1616 Pruess Rd. Los Angeles.
Request Information


Group Courses  in NYC June 14-19:

Learn to Heal with Your Mind
Saturday June 14~2:00pm-8:00pm ~$125 pre-reg/$150
(212) 343-8191

DEEP MEDITATION & GONG – Self-Mastery & Conquering Fear
Monday June 16~6:30pm-8:30pm~$25 pre-reg/$35
(212) 343-8191

MAHBOUNDLOTUS® Finite to Infinite
Tuesday, June 17~6:15pm-8:15pm~$30 pre-reg/$40
(212) 982-5959

Wednesday, June 18~7:00pm – 9:30pm~By Donation
(212) 736-0999

New York, New York Jan 24th-29th

Greetings from Los Angeles,

We have been a bit spoiled here on the west coast with the weather, and we are about to join the East Coasters – out with the shorts and tank tops and pulling out the coats from storage.
“Happy Last Year” my daughter said to me as I said “Happy New Year” to her.  We laughed… then it really sunk in. She was joking but it hit me like a hammer on the head.  “Everyone says happy new year but no one says happy last year”  she said.  I was hoping that the new year would be better – and I noticed everyone around making resolutions to do all of the wonderful things that will make them happy or a better person.  In the back of my mind I hear my teacher’s voice. “You are imperfectly perfect and perfectly imperfect.”  If we are not feeling complete in this moment, the exercise class or the bank account or the new machine or gadget is not going to add or to change you.  Embrace your entire self, and enjoy the totality of you now.  It is not easy, and it is not overnight – it takes time, and most of all patience.  May the old you and the new you and all of you merge and may you look in the mirror and see YOU today.

Mahankirn Kaur

New York City Workshops:

Sat Nam Rasayan® Course ~

Dissolving Trauma, Shock & Family Patterns

6 hour course GOLDEN BRIDGE NYC

Saturday, January 25th
2:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Everyone welcome!

Register GBNY

Sat Nam Rasayan® Class ~

Transcend Beyond Our Imagined Reality


Tuesday, January 28th
8:15pm – 9:30pm
Learn to Heal and be Healed with Sat Nam Rasayan®.

Experience a new expanded reality when the limits of the mind are dissolved.

Register KYEast

Mah Boundlotus® class & 40 day Mah Boundlotus® Challenge


Monday, January 27th  7pm-9pm

(CEU’s & Certification Eligible wtih SNR Course)

(Testing Available)

Register GBNY

Join Us for a 40 Day Challenge

  • Beginning Monday, January 27th
  • do as little as 3 minutes, maximum 31 minutes/day
  • View Ustream class (pw: love108)
  • Tell us your story

    Healing NYC January 2014

    Healing NYC January 2014

Schedule your Healing:

1. Sat Nam Rasayan® Healing: schedule single or series-releasing core tendencies & patterns • relieving stress, anxiety & depression • chronic Illnesses • addictions • assists with expanding awareness
Global Remote healings available

2. Mah Boundlotus® Healing:
My teacher Yogi Bhajan has said that through BoundLotus® Healing: “you change a person’s destiny and… infuse the power of the Universe into that person, the Universe has no power to stop it”.
Mahankirn is the only person Yogi Bhajan taught this healing to personally.

3. Constitutional Balancing clears & balances the electro-magnetic field of home or office space.
Mahankirn is one of 2 healers in the world who does these healings.

Register for Healing