Reboot in three minutes or less with easy and effective techniques to radically improve mood and performance. Designed for busy lives, each exercise is simple to do and can be done anywhere.

Thousands of years ago, it was tradition to keep these techniques that expanded the mind and awareness sacred and secret. These teachings were only transmitted directly from Master to student.

Times have changed and now we have access to this information on our mobile devices.

Mahankirn Kaur

About the creator of Three Min Start

Mahankirn Kaur started practicing the sacred techniques from her hippie parents before she was two. She later studied directly with Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga who brought the teachings of Kundalini yoga from the East to the West. It has been her passion to distill easy and user-friendly techniques from the teachings to share them with everyone—for people who would normally not do yoga, or people who do not have time to go to a yoga or meditation class.

These Three Min start techniques really work—they shift the flow in your body and mind and allow you to have a better moment, a better rest of your day.

Mahankirn Kaur